Top Stereo Speakers for Desktop and Laptops under 1K INR

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The desktops and laptops usually don’t have good speakers, in desktops, many companies have attached speakers to the monitor for just sound output on the other hand in laptops no matter if you purchase a budget laptop or a gaming laptop the speaker quality that price is not justifiable.

The other problem comes when buying speakers, which usually speakers are costly and bulky and takes a lot of space in the room. Plus many users don’t want to spend a lot of money for just the speakers but also they can’t get enough from the computer speakers.

In this article, there is a solution to that when having the best stereo speakers under 1K INR that are perfectly justifiable with their prices. Another thing is that all speakers are from Zeboronic so, the buyer will get a 1year warranty on all.

The sound quality of these speakers is very good according to their prices and they all completely justify their price even some of them give more value as compared to their price.


Zebronics Zeb-Warrior (699)

The first on the list is the Zeb-Warrior. It comes in a complete plastic build and in front, it has a metal mesh with volume control a USB port for power and a 3.5 mm headphone jack for connectivity. Both of the speakers are of 5 Watt combining the power of 10 Watt.

The speakers also have attractive RGB lights around the side of the speaker rings which look quite attractive and can be used as a decoration while playing.



Zebronics Zeb-Warrior 2 (649)

This speaker even if it is a successor of Zeb-Warrior 1 still it is small in size as compared to Warrior 1. There are also two speakers in this set each one having the power of 5 Watt. Same a USB port for power and a 3.5 mm jack for music playing. This speaker also has RGB lights which give it a spotty and gaming type of look.



Zebronics Zeb-Warrior 4 (799)

Skipping the Zeb-Warrior 3 we have Zeb-Warrior 4 on the list. As compared to Warrior 1 and 2 this is bigger in size. The full body is of plastic build with no metal mess and no sound control from the outside. Both speakers are of the same 5 Watt. The volume wheel has been provided in the wires to control the volume and change the RGB lights. It has the same USB port for power and a 3.5 mm jack for the connection. The quality of RGB lights provided in these speakers is better than others and also it can be changed by the controller provided in it.



Zebronics Zeb Wonderbar 10 (699)

Moving ahead from the Warrior series we have Wonderbar and it is not a typical speaker along with the speakers it is a bar as shown in the picture. It can be easily divided into two parts from its middle and can be kept as two different speakers. This speaker is also of 10 Watt with the same USB for power and 3.5 mm jack for the connections. It has a full plastic build with an audio wheel in the front.

The other noticeable feature is that it provides 2 dedicated jacks for the headphone and mic. The RGB lights can’t be controlled it changes whenever and however it is programmed.




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