Thor: Love and Thunder Movie Review: Not The Thor Movie that We Want

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Thor: Love and Thunder have been among the most anticipated films of Marvel. Following Taika Waititi’s directed Thor: Ragnarok, the expectations for the sequel to his solo Thor film were impressive. When Natalie Portman returned as Jane Foster as Mighty Thor in the movie, the anticipation about the film grew. The film also was an important MCU first appearance for Christian Bale as the lead antagonist, Gorr.

Although the trailers and trailers from Thor: Love and Thunder showed how the movie was expected to include a mixture of fun entertainment and action, fans were not thrilled by the mix. Reviewers’ comments on Thor: Love and Thunder indicated that the film did not surpass Ragnarok which distinguished it from the other Marvel films due to the genius of director Tim Waititi.

In the fourth Thor film, Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder discovers himself trying to take some time from his superhero days, but things quickly change when he’s forced to team with other forces in order to face the new foe, Gorr, the god butcher. Given how Christian Bale has been known for his dazzling acting abilities, however, many fans were dissatisfied with the way Bale’s character was depicted in this MCU film.


Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder is a great source of funny jokes. It’s a great choice for mindless comedy. It’s great for action-oriented scenes that are occasionally entertaining with a good actor. However, it’s not as intense as any other Marvel film. The film begins with Thor with a relaxed, zen-like attitude getting better at overcoming his repeated heartbreaks. However, the plot never gets more complicated and the plot never gets more complex and only Chris’s charm is enough to sustain the two hours. Christian Bale and Natalie Portman can’t grasp this film. Yet, their beauty is never evident. A cute and chubby Zeus performed by Russell Crowe was my favourite part, and Matt Damon playing Loki was hilarious as well. Chris Pratt and the Guardians of the Galaxy attempt to convince Thor to change his Devdas stance and then end up parting ways. Two screaming Goats that travel throughout the film are not distracting.

Overall the fourth film of the Thor franchise Thor Love and Thunder wasted the characters that it uses inside the movie, especially its God-like characters. The movie has more love than thunder which means the action sequence of the movie is also not that admirable, if we take the same example for the last Jurrasic Park released movie we at least said that it has a good CGI and you can watch this movie for that. But it’s hard to say something the same for this movie at any point. The level of Thor which we experienced in Thor 3 and Avengers Infinity War this fourth movie just doesn’t reach that level or even close to it.


It seems like now the directors are not putting that much creativity and just thinking that the movie will make a good business because it is under the MCU banner and that is kind of true actually the criticism the movie is facing is nothing as should it have faced and this is only because of MCU.

You can also call this movie a typical MCU movie using the same formula that worked in last MCU phase but the problem is that it is not working since people are consumed enough of that and now they need something new.

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