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I miss those times when the phone was actually small and still had a lot of features. Without any doubt big phones have their own benefits but caring for them is a bit of a problem. But for the past few years, we have seen that Apple is actually making small Iphones but in this segment, a new company has entered with its new flagship.

For the past 2 to 3 years, Apple has been making mini versions of their iPhone which is quite popular among users. More than 100 million mini versions of iPhones have been sold in 2021 and 2022. This number proves that people still love small phones.

Now, It can be easily understood why companies don’t make small phones. There are many reasons behind it some of the main reasons are.

  1. The Battery:- If companies started making small-sized phones the size of the battery will also be impacted and this will be seen in this small android phone example too how much the size matters when it comes to the battery.
  2. Heating Issue: Now when the phone is tightly packed there are now fewer places for the heat to escape. This will cause heating issues plus if the processor is powerful it will produce more heat. The heat is too big of a problem itself heating of a phone can cause more battery drainage, tremendously affect performance and many more.
  3. Quality Reduces: A big size speaker can produce more sound and better sound than a small-sized speaker. This is one example, there are more and more departments in which things can be compromised in order to make things small.

Apart from all these big compromises, the only thing we get in exchange is compatibility and portability, you can easily see the big-sized phone in someone’s pants pocket and it’s hard to sit with it or sometimes carry it. The small phones solve these problems but give you the problems mentioned above. So, is it a worthy trade, well the number of sales of the iPhone mentioned above proves that many people still want small phones?

The problem is not that the phones are getting big the problem is that small phones are extinct from the market os, and people don’t have any option. When I was buying a phone I was personally searching for a small-sized phone but I wasn’t able to find any, the smallest size I found was 6.45 inches which is almost 6.5 inches and also it is not small.

Samsung has solved many of the above problems with its latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 and since it’s a flagship it is not cheap at current the price at Amazon is around a thousand dollars ($1000). So, let’s see how small it is and how many problems it actually solved.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has a 6.1-inch FHD+ AMOLED 1300 Nits display with a small selfie punch-hole camera and stereo speakers. This phone is powered by Snapdragon Gen 1. Now, if you compare this phone along with other android flagships like One Plus 10 pro and Xiamoi 12 pro this Samsung phone didn’t even come close to them then what’s special about it let’s find out.

Now the first thing is the display, Samsung is known for its display and no doubt Samsung has done a tremendous job in this sector. It comes with an FHD+ AMOLED display if you compare this with other competitors then they provide a Quad HD display, if Samsung provided a 2K display then it didn’t even last for more than 2 hours.

Why I said that it will didn’t last for 2 hours because the battery provided in this phone is just 3700 mAh which is quite low as compared to even a mid-range phone. The phone only supports 25 Watt charger and yes it needs to be charged daily. But if you are a medium-level user it will last until 1 day but for heavy uses, the battery needs to be charged at least 2 times in a day.

Now the Snapdragon Gen 1 is a power-hungry processor and it is also not being optimized by Qualcomm. The heating issue in this processor is quite common but, Samsung has done a good job in optimising the processor because the processor doesn’t heat that much and it also provides an average backup. The gaming experience is good and the heat handling issue while gaming is average because it is a small phone. For daily uses, the process doesn’t even sweat.


Despite its drawbacks in battery and display. It is still a good phone. Considering the fact that the S series of Samsung is considered more premium than its competitors.

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