Prey 2022 Spoiler Free Review – Finally a Good Predator Film

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In this article, we are talking about the brand new movie in the predator franchise, Prey, directed by Dan Trachtenberg.



The film’s primary focus is on the origin story of the predator in the world of the Comanche nation 300 years ago. Naru, a skilled warrior, fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly evolved predators to land on earth.



The Amber mid thunder who played the role of Naru is genuinely awesome as this lead character you will actually be able to connect with the character and will share the same feelings of fear and tension. There’s an animal companion that adds another dynamic to this movie. He is the pet of Naru and he helps her a lot in fact we also get attached to the dog.

The rest of the side characters are not that important as the film is very tightly packed and only follows the story via the main character.

World Building

This is a predator film so, the world-building must be around the predator and the interaction of him with the humans and the way they handle the predator in this film it works so well and there are so many incredible visuals that come from what the predator is offering here to the point where I am just so disappointed I wasn’t able to see this on the big screen, this is definitely a film that would have played extremely well from the special effects.

The set looks so, beautiful and the world looks so, exploring that it also kind of increases the thrill that you are getting apart from the predator himself. Apart from that, there are some places where the CGI just kind of falls and you can clearly see the bad CGI work. All throughout this movie, its small-scale cinematography is excellent.


With the predator movie, we don’t need a ton of build-up we don’t need a ton of story what we want is great small-scale predator vs human action and the best part of this movie is it does deliver that.

The predator movie we got a couple of years ago in 2018 The Predator there was so much nonsense in that film to the point where it really disappointed many fans including myself the story. Many people including me want action because there is not that much of a character you can build.


Believability is something that this movie occasionally struggles with a right but for the most part, they do a great job of just looking at this main character and saying instead of taking on this predator, you are just here to survive and she has to find ways to survive while she’s being chased or while other characters are being chased.  The hesitation going in is how is this girl gonna take the little weapons that in a million years would not level up and would not be able to take on a predator how is she going to do that?

Dan Trachtenberg as a director is smarter than that he’s not going to tell the audience to turn their brains off completely there has to be some believability in here and that is absolutely the case for the most part but what I love about the film is the fact that it always keeps you on your toes anytime we slow down to get a little bit of story or to work on one or two of these relationships between the core characters in this film there’s always something that happens almost immediately when the downtime comes. Every time we start to get a dull moment it always picks back up.



PREY 2022 FAQs

Q1. Where can I watch the Prey 2022 movie?

The movie is currently streaming and available on the Hulu Platform and you can watch it with a Hulu premium subscription.

Q2. Is Prey 2022 a part of the Predator franchise?

Currently, after the release of this movie the Prey is actually a prequel to the Predator series since it is set in the era when there where no technology. This movie shows the first arrival of the predator on Earth.

Q3. Is Prey a sequel to the 2018 Predator movie?

No, it’s actually the prequel of the first-ever Predator movie.

Q4. Can I watch the Predator movie with my family?

You can or you can’t because the movie is R-rated so, consult with them before you watch also it is strictly not for children.

Q5. Is Prey 2022 a good movie? 

Yes compared with the other movie in the franchise according to me it is in the second best predator movie after the original one.






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