One UI 5 All New Features and Updates

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One UI is easily the top skin when it’s come to android smartphones. Many people including me like Samsung One UI more than other android phone.

There are lots and lots of customization and options when it’s come to One UI but with the One UI 5, Samsung has taken it to the next level let’s see some of its cool and useful features.

One UI 5 with Android 13

So, first thing first the One UI 5 is coming with the Android 13 update or you can say that you will get an Android 13 update in the form of One UI 5.

Visual Changes

The first thing to be noticed after this update is the new icons in Samsung apps be the phone app messages my files gallery etc.

Now it’s not just the icons though there are some other visual changes for example the icons in the notifications are not bigger and this is better because now you have a clear idea of which app it is swiping down.

Wallpaper theming is better in one UI five in one ui4 you get these four pallet options while in one UI five you get a lot more. There a new basic colours tab here which gives you a lot more options

MultiUser Account

The quick settings show you this new icon which is user accounts in One UI this is big because a lot of people hated the fact that there was no support for multiple user accounts in one UI but it’s finally here.

There’s also a new active apps option here which shows you the apps that are running in the

background and you can hit close to kill them, yeah this should be super useful on budget phones.

New Wi-Fi Settings

In the wi-fi settings in one UI five there’s a new intelligent wi-fi option which brings all of these options but what’s cool is that it even has a developer options page which can be enabled by tapping 10 times the developer options bring you various diagnostic tools.

You can see the info on your wi-fi network you can even see all the nearby wi-fi networks and their range is this really cool-looking graph.

And you can also see how much the 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz bands are being utilized you can also check wi-fi and network diagnostics here and check what apps are connected to the network.

Settings App

There are quite a few new options in the settings page of one ui5 the biometrics and security page has changed to security and privacy in one ui 5 and it is basically the one place to keep track of your phone’s security updates and privacy issues.

Camera Text Feature

So, whenever you will use your camera to click a pic of something which has text on it. It will automatically let you select and copy the text of the file.

It is more or less the same as the Apple iOS 16 text detection AI.

You can also do the same for the text selection in the photos that have been already been taken and now are stored in the gallery app.

In fact, this is also available when you take a screenshot with text in two it’s useful and it actually works very well even the Samsung keyboard app has an extract text option to copy text from images when you’re texting.

You can now add a watermark to your photos with different font text alignments.

Language per App

One UI 5 also has the new android 13 feature to set languages per app not only google apps are supported as of now but you can set youtube to say Hindi while using google in Bengali and

continue using the phone in English now this is a useful feature and hopefully popular apps bring support.

Different Call Backgrounds

You can always set call backgrounds in One UI but in One UI five, you can set different call backgrounds for different contacts.

You can edit a contact and go to call background and set an individual call background with the

photo video from the gallery or even something with an emoji.

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