Nikamma (2022) : Movie Review Shilpa Shetty’s comeback wasted

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So, if you go to Google and search for the word cringe you will find that it’s something which will feel weird and uncomfortable. This is precisely what you will feel while watching this movie. Now while reading this article you will think that I am not saying too many good things about this movie and that’s because there isn’t that much good in this movie.

If you are here for the good things about the movie then let me say it the good thing is Shilpa Shetty’s acting and that’s all now let’s come back to the topic of why I am calling it the comeback of the Shilpa Shetty is wasted by this movie.


The movie is a remake of a South File MCA (Middle-Class Abbayi). The plot revolves around two brothers and their brotherhood and how close they are until the big brother gets married and according to the young brother the old brother’s wife (Bhabhi) is separating him and his old brother. After a few times he has to live with His Bhabhi because of his family pressure and also he was basically unemployed so, he has nowhere to go.

While living with his Bhabhi he feels getting tortured because he has to do basic household work like cutting vegetables, washing clothes, cleaning the house etc. And meanwhile, when he was living with his Bhabhi he fall in love with a girl.

Now, whether he gets his love or not and how his relationship with his Bhabhi gets improved and will he ever respect her or not in order to find out you have to watch this movie.

Now, to be honest, I have watched MCA and I really liked the movie not gonna like but this 2022 remake of this movie or you can say a movie with the same plot has literally failed to accomplish what the movie was trying to do.



As I already said with the acting segment the movie fails miserably and it made the movie a Joke as compared to MCA. Even if you never watched the first movie you will still say that the movie will definitely have much better acting.Even with the villains you will not feel that he is dangerous or something. And the side actors well just are too sided in this movie. The only actor who performed well in this movie is Shilpa Shetty.


The dialogues are ok I mean the movie has some dialogues like “Koi Bhi Janwar Paal le par Galatfaaime matt palana” it’s like ok but the dialogue delivery was too weak that it didn’t leave an impact on the viewers, at least it didn’t leave an impact on me.  Even the BGM (Background music) failed to create a situation.


Final Verdict

Well, after watching this movie I fell sorry for the Bollywood, because this movie was sold as a youth appealing and admirable movie but makes no impact. Plus these are the movies because people say that the Bollywood is vanishing.

And after reading this article you have a very clear idea weather I am going to recommend you this movie or not. If you already watched this movie please let me  know in the comment section what you think about this movie.




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