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In this article, I am going to review the newly released Netflix show. The Sandman is the character owned by DC vertigo so, you can also say it is a DC series. The story is based on a noble with the same name, if you don’t have the time to watch the series then the audiobook of the same novel is available audible.


Now, the plot can also spoil your experience personally I don’t read it but still here is a little summary with fewer details. The story revolves around a character named Dream and as per his name he is responsible for creating dreams, nightmares etc. But he was captured and after many centuries he manage to set himself free and now he has to fix the things which are broken.

Characters, Side Characters and their Performances 


let’s start with the one consistent character here makes sense that he’s in pretty much every episode because it’s titled the sandman we’re talking about Tom Sturridge as dream who I think a lot of people will watch and use the word dreamy to describe him his voice is deep his mannerisms are very distinct and it’s so interesting to see how he acts and reacts to both otherworldly beings and human.

Boyd Holbrook as the Corinthian rock solid plays it up on a level that many have hoped he would. I think Holbrook is an incredible actor you will also feel that needed a bit more from that character, especially in the first half of the series but still, you will enjoy his presence.

Jenna Coleman as Constantine as they refer to her in this series you will enjoy her performance too maybe needed a bit more out of it same goes with Gwendolyn Christie as lucifer there is such an interesting story there that you will that hope they explore more of in another season I have a good feeling we’re going to get another season.


World Building

Now, that we have seen the characters and the side characters now, let’s talk about the worlds and the world-building. You have the dream landscape you have all of these vastly different looking and feeling worlds that we visit from Earth to hell to the dream world versions of one world that come across as a bit different in other scenes it’s really interesting to see everything that they’re trying to cover in this show even though at times it comes across as just a bit too much maybe not fully capturing what they’re attempting to do here.

What they’re trying to go for the ambition is largely capturing a story like this but in terms of what they’re able to bring across visually on screen it’s really cool now on the other side of that, you have to look at the overutilization of CGI at times while certain visuals are great it has this has a tone that stays consistent throughout the entire season, there are moments where they’re on sets and it’s fully CG and it just didn’t feel maybe as real and I’m not even talking about the dream sequences are right because those aren’t really supposed to feel real but sometimes these grounded moments don’t fully translate because it doesn’t have that realistic touch to it and that did throw me off at times but for the most part the visuals are great.



The story is divided into two storylines one in the first half and another in the second half plus there are many solo stories going inside this main story of the single characters.

But the problem with bringing us those individual stories the ones that don’t tie in as well to those two main storylines going on in the first half and the second half is just the idea of it does not feel as cohesive and the lack of any other consistent characters across the board other than dream himself.

That’s going to throw some people off as they’re watching but it’s also going to make for one or two episodes that just didn’t quite have as compelled as they needed to while I did enjoy moments in episodes seven and eight and you start to get into that nine and ten territories really the first the major story I was much more compelled by and it’s funny because it took one or two episodes to get on board with the vibe that this show.

The first major story that’s going on this is really cool but then you get into that second major story and there were some ups and downs with those final few episodes that made my experience maybe not as good as it could have been still a good experience overall just because of how different this show was and how fascinating these characters are and the morality that we are showcasing.


The Sandman Netflix Series FAQs

Q1. Can I watch Netflix The Sandman Series with my family?

No, you can’t since it contains many scenes which you might will not comfortable watching with your family especially if you have kids in your family.

Q2.  How many episodes does Netflix The Sandman Series have?

Total 12 Episodes.

Q3. Rating of Netflix The Sandman Series?

Currently, the series has an 8.2/10 rating on IMDb with 10k+ votes. I also highly recommend you to watch this series.

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