Jurassic World Dominion Review: Failed to Dominate in Plot

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JURASSIC The WORLD: DOMINION takes place four years after Isla Nublar’s destruction. Dinosaurs are now living and hunting alongside humans from all over the globe. This fragile balance will alter the future of the planet and decide definitively the fate of humans to be apex predators on the planet that they share with some of the most terrifying animals. Between this, a new firm Biosyn has assumed the task of find the genetics that might aid the human race. However, like its predecessors, Biosyn, is run by a greedy business tycoon is looking for profits at the expense of humanity. From kidnapping Genetically enhanced Maisie Lockwood, to creating predatory dinosaurs to serve nefarious ends, Biosyn delves into almost every aspect. Things get heated as Owen Grady and Claire Dearing embark on an adventure to save Maisie.


The plot of this movie is the weakest point of the entire movie. It feels so, slow and dum that you will even forget how awesome its VFX are.


The plot is thin and the motivations of characters and arcs not fully being explored. The characters seem to be being a part of the story. I didn’t set out with the expectation of an Nolanesque complex plot, but is it overly demanding for all the t’s checked and all the i’s crossed. The film does not provide the minimum amount of information for the actors. Things unravel and the characters are getting pushed by luck. They are able to move through their lives quickly and effortlessly without it being logical. They are planning to take a flight to an island that lies in the middle of nothing. They meet an unidentified pilot in the black market who, for some reason, agrees to place her own life in danger for the people she’s only met for a mere ten seconds. The narrative doesn’t spend a lot of time in convincing us of the reasons these characters, other than the protagonists, want to risk life or their reputations in danger.

Beyond the repetition, it is also highly predictable, with twists that are not seen until they happen. Although, Trevorrow has added some memorable moments that are worth a clap as well as some thrilling jump thrills, the overall impact is diminished because of the predictable nature. Another aspect that could be disappointing is the visuals, which seem to be unfinished. A particular sequence that features characters from the past that have been revived and filmed in the 90s. The unsettling motion of the monorail track’s entrance seems out of place in a movie like this. Thankfully, these scenes are a bit sporadic.

One thing that gets sanded away while watching JURASSIC DOMINION: WORLD can be witnessing just how the filmmaking process has advanced. From the blurry visuals and renders in JURASSIC PARK to seamless and smooth visuals in DOMINION progression of time is evident. Even though it is true that the VFX, as well as the CGI team, has created a stunning job creating a species that’s long since gone extinct but there are instances where one wishes more could be accomplished. The visuals are supported by the background score, which sets the pace for the on-screen events. The crescendo is created when necessary and delivers music that is haunting elsewhere, the soundtrack is an integral role in the film.

Overall, it is a good film featuring throwback references and images from the previous five films, as well as audio and visual tracks that bring back memories of earlier times, JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION is certainly worth a look. If you’ve seen the previous films and enjoyed these, you should not skip this final chapter. The box office is booming, but JURASSIC World: DOMINION may face a tough job. With no or little promotion in India, The buzz surrounding the film is sporadic. Like the previously released Tom Cruise starrer, this film could also see a positive increase in sales on the weekend, particularly without competition from recent Bollywood films.


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