IOS 16 Untold Features/Changes

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There are many cool features that Apple told us about IOS 16, but still, there are many small but major things that Apple don’t care to tell us about so, here we are to dig down and get those features to you.

Face ID can now work on landscape

Now hidden feature number one, this one here is pretty big. Face ID can now work on the landscape. So if I tilt your phone, faceID will still work in landscape mode.

Let’s say you laying down in bed, you can now unlock your phone with your phone horizontally, landscape. You don’t have to tilt your phone horizontally and then tilt it back.

Redesign to the lock screen

Number two, of course, we have a redesign to the lock screen, Finally. Now, if you wanna customize this you no longer need to go into the settings, then look for wallpapers.

Once you authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID, you just tap and hold the blank space and this is just like the apple watch.

And now you can customize your different complications or your collections, as you say. So you can have multiple different lock screens for different occasions.

And the cool thing about this, is you have the focus. So if you are doing something work-related,

you could have a separate wallpaper and tenant for, you know, for business.

There are almost tons of customization options with the wallpaper. Like you can select an emoji and it will decorate it throughout the wallpaper.

Music Player

Another thing, the music player also received a slight redesign. So you can see the volume

the knob has been designed. I really do like this so much better than just the old-school knobs

that we typically have.

And the same thing with the seek. It’s just so much cleaner actually fills up the whole bar.

Now, this is a little buggy because on the control centre you have the old-school knob.

So this is probably something that’s gonna be fixed eventually.

Improvement in Cinematic mode

This is only gonna be for the iPhone 13 series that goes for the mini, the pro, the Pro max, and the standard 13. The cinematic mode actually improved the quality when recorded in cinematic mode. And you can have a foreground blur in portrait photos. So improvements to cinematic mode and portrait photos for the iPhone 13.

And unfortunately, the recordings are still tainted 1080p. So I think it’s something

in the software department where apple can be able to fine-tune the quality.

More Options on the Image

Click on the photo and then you can click on the bottom hamburger menu in the bottom right.

And you can now adjust the location and you can adjust the date and time.

So let’s say you imported a photo and it got the wrong date and time. You can now set the date

and time for that photo.

At first, I thought this was a weird feature because the iPhones are so smart but this makes a lot of sense. If you’re importing a lot of pictures or videos or getting things from the internet, sometimes it can’t accurately get that location in the date and time. I like how you can

actually set the time and date and location.

Better Sharing Options for Photos

Now also, when you’re on the photos app and you decide to share

a video or a picture you now have an option here. Literally, that’s called option. Click on it

and now you have a set of options.

You can now send this as an iCloud link. This is gonna be very efficient for space and it even tells you to. Automatic just set the best format for the file size.

Usually, when you send a picture or a video, it’s gonna include all the photo data. So it’s gonna indicate what device this picture was taken on, the location, the date and the time. Now you can take all this off and everything is more secure all the metadata will be gone. And by default, this is automatically off.

More Organised Notes

One thing that’s pretty neat is Notes. If you go to the note tab everything now is finally organized. You can see, that you have your pin. This is pretty standard, on the bottom you have today and then you have the previous seven days, this is new.

Now, prior to this, on IOS 15 You just have notes and everything is all bundled up and jumbled up.

New Airpods Option

So if you go to the settings app, you have your AirPods icon on the top, underneath your name. By clicking it you can get into your AirPod settings very quickly. This is very convenient instead

of going to Bluetooth and then accessing it.


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