How to get refund from Hulu? (All about Hulu refund Policy)

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Hulu’s a wonderful website for video content if you are one of those who loves to binge TV shows more than movies as well as it’s a great wireless solution to watching programs on television. Users can also get a Hulu Live TV service which streams on almost every gadget and has most of your favourite channels.


What Is Hulu Refund?

Streaming providers would not necessarily simplify reimbursements for subscriptions and their cancellation processes may even be more difficult.  It could cost you a lot more money if you forget to cancel your plan.


What Is Hulu Refund Policy

The Hulu policy for reimbursement mentions that only in certain conditions can the company grant reimbursement and the amount they refund can vary from the case by case. The certain conditions in which they may repay are whether you are being overcharged by them or have an unjustified fee for your monthly membership.

If you are overcharged for the monthly fee, you have 30 days to request for refund. Hulu refuses any request submitted after 30 days.

Users can also interrupt and reactivate the Hulu membership for up to 12 weeks. if they do not want to completely suspend the Hulu service.

Your membership must be cancelled before the time. that would be day   Eastern time the day before your upcoming billing cycle to avoid charging. You will continue to have access to the Hulu Service by the end of your current billing period even if you cancel your membership. At the completion of your billing cycle you will lose access to your account


Some variables that can make a difference in your monthly sum include taxes and banking charges. You can still check your billing history on any time you have any confusion related to your account.

The main thing to remember about refunds is that Hulu doesn’t really give monthly service refunds. Therefore, whether there is an additional fee on a monthly subscription, getting Hulu credit is best.

How To Get A Refund From Hulu?[Hassle Free Methods]

  1. Through Website.
  2. Over the Phone.


Depending on the device you are using for Hulu. The procedure is different. Instructions cover how to get a refund through the website and iPhone.

Through Website.

How to request a refund


  1. Open the Hulu website in your desired web browser.
  2. Fill in the following information and log in to your account.
  3. Click ‘support centre’ to scroll down to the bottom of this list.
  4.  It will open a popup and tap “Submit Request” and continue to submit a claim for reimbursement.

You will get Hulu’s confirmation email concerning your repayment application and they will respond within seven days or refund you money directly within seven working days.


Through Apple store


Apple claims that Apple can reimburse purchases of an App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books or other Apple service if they are eligible for a refund.


You can use any device with a web browser to request a refund. You would just need your apple login ID.

How to request a refund

  • Go to
  • With your Apple ID and password, log in.
  • Tap if you see an icon  ‘Report’ or ‘Report a Problem near the package you want to cancel
  • Give a reason for why requested a refund and submit the request.

Cancel subscription through the Hulu website  

If you no longer wish to use the streaming platform, it is simple to revoke your Hulu subscription. As an update to their regular offerings, several internet and data providers offer you access to Hulu. If you subscribed to Hulu in this manner, you’ll have to suspend your Hulu subscription from your profile with any of those suppliers.

Cancellation through the Hulu website

  1. In a web browser, go to If you are registered, your  Hulu dashboard will open.
  2. Click the login icon in the upper right corner to sign in if you are not logged in.
  3. Tap your name. It will be on the top right side in a box, A popup box will appear
  4. Tap on the account. The “Manage Your Account” tab will be opened.
  5. Keep on scrolling to the bottom until you see “Your Subscription”. Tap “cancel”


  1. This will open a popup window and enter CONTINUE TO CANCEL. Which will be on the right side


Cancelling through iPhone

For the Hulu iPhone/iPad programme it’s not easy to revoke your Hulu membership. This way you cancel the membership in the settings of your iPhone. If you’ve registered for Hulu on your iPhone or iPad, use this process.

  1. Unlock your iPhones. An open the setting icon that is normally found on the main screen.
  2. on top of your setting menu Click your username.
  3. Click the blue icon that is the iTunes & App Store
  4. Enter your Apple ID. It’s your email address that is visible on top of your screen.
  5. After this  pop-up window will appear, Click View Apple ID
  6. Enter the password for your Apple ID. You will then be taken to the account page with your Apple ID.
  7. If your phone or tablet has Touche ID built, Scan your fingerprint it will also work.
  8. You won’t have to type your password if you visited your Apple ID account during the last couple moments.
  9.  Keep on scrolling down then  Click Subscriptions
  10. Click your subscription to Hulu. You can avoid this move if Hulu is your only iTunes subscription as the “Subscriptions” tab opens onto Hulu’s page.

You are presumably subscribing through another provider if you can’t find  Hulu on this page. Instead, follow the form of using

  1. In order to prove, follow the on-screen instructions.   Upon cancellation of your account, you will get to enjoy the premium functionality of Hulu until the expiry of the latest billing period.


What Is Refund Hulu Charge?

Hulu does not charge any money for a refund, Either they will repay you your full money or they will give you a partial refund. When you have specifically signed up with Hulu through your credit card, they will return your payment within 7 days after the repayment application has been granted through customer service. Please review the appropriate store policy to find out a little more or to contact the appropriate billing platform to verify the progress of your request. If you have subscribed through a 3rd party billing platform like the Apple App Store or Play Store.


Hulu Complaint Service?

Need to contact the Hulu corporate office


  • Hulu Company website

  • Hulu Support email address

[email protected]

Their customer service is available 24 hours and you can file a complaint against them anytime.


Frequently Asked Question?


  1. What happens when you cancel your Hulu subscription?

You will have access to Hulu till the end of your current billing cycle.


  1. Will I be charged if I cancel Hulu?

No you will not be charged if u cancel Hulu. Hulu does not have any policy like this


  1. Why is Hulu charging me for Cancelled?

If you have a charge other than the recurrent recurring payments linked to your membership, it could be that you make changes to the contract or changed billing details to the register. Hulu does not charge cancellation fees.

Final Verdict:

The prices of subscriptions to multiple channels are also rising as streaming networks grow rapidly. When you first sign up, because of tempting free trials they will cost you hundreds of bucks every year. So before you subscribe pay attention to their policy.


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