How Samsung S22 Ultra is better than the iPhone 14 Pro Max

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When it comes to the best phones in the market, people usually only consider only two brands: Samsung and iPhone.

But which one is actually better depends on the user’s needs. In this article, we will see some features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra that will help you to decide is this phone is for you or not.

Physical Sim Slot

The first thing is the physical Sim slot now you may not know this if you haven’t been following the Apple news but the iPhone 14 pro-Max doesn’t actually have a physical Sim slot anywhere on the device you cannot insert a physical Sim into your iPhone 14 pro-Max. Now, this is only US exclusive but soon it might be global.

Fingerprint Sensor

Face Unlock now face ID has gotten better on the iPhone 14 pro-Max in fact if your face is behind some object still it and kind of partially hidden still it opens really well.

But still many of us including me also like fingerprint sensors more than face IDs because of multiple reasons.

One of that is anyone could take your phone and open it just with your face which is quite annoying for me.

USB-C Charging

The next thing is USB-C charging, so if you look at these two devices on the bottom, you’ve got a lightning port on your iPhone 14 pro-Max and a USB-C port on your Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Now in addition to the USB-C port just being more Universal than the other thing the iPhone using the lightning Port also comes along with slower charging.

The iPhone just charges at an absolute snail’s space many users while charging the iPhone get really disappointed because of how slow they charge.

And not having USBC means you need an extra connector that your headphones and other gadgets even other Apple gadgets using USB-C..


The next thing is true multitasking the iPhone doesn’t have any multitasking at all so if you want to do two apps at once you can’t do it.

You can sort of do it on the iPad with iPad OS now but on this huge phone, the iPhone 14 pro-Max you’ve got no multitasking.

You can do tons of multitasking on my s22 ultra in multiple different ways like pop-up multi-window you can either rearrange these windows in different ways all of that stuff

comes together in a great multitasking experience.

On your iPhone, you absolutely have zero multitasking so there’s really nothing to compare in that particular case.


The next thing is launchers and icon packs and theming in general now Samsung has a great built-in theming engine.

There is an app named Good-Lock it basically lets you install custom icon packs and edit your lock

screen edit your S Pen pop-up menu your volume menu your quick setting colours your keyboard colours you can do so many things with this it’s amazing.

The iPhone really has minimal customization yes you can change the icons but you have to do them one at a time which takes forever there is no icon pack that will theme all of your stuff simultaneously.


The next thing is the S Pen that’s another thing that the iPhone just doesn’t have so there really isn’t a comparison here the Galaxy s22 Ultra has the built-in S-Pen with Bluetooth capability.

Not only can you do things like taking notes you can solve math equations you can use this to highlight things to zoom in to translate other languages you can use it to control your camera with the button on the Bluetooth S pen, there’s a ton of amazing features of the S Pen.

Samsung Dex

The next one is Samsung Dex, if you go into the settings you can also access this from the quick settings you go to connect the devices and go to Samsung Dex you can actually go in here and get a full desktop interface on your Galaxy S22 Ultra by connecting it to a monitor with an HDMI cable a USB cable and then hook up a keyboard and a mouse.

You definitely can’t do that on the iPhone because for one thing Apple wants you to go buy a

MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or an iPad so you can get that kind of functionality.


At last, everything depends on you if you want these features then you must prefer Samsung over iPhone. But iPhone has some of its own advantages if you want those then you should buy an iPhone.

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