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Shamshera: Movie review

Shamshera is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language era action and adventure film directed by Karan Malhotra and produced by Aditya Chopra with Yash Raj Productions.  The cast includes Ranbir Kapoor in his first double, with Vaani Kapoor, Ronit Roy, and Saurabh Shukla, as well as Sanjay Dutt as the adversary.  The plot is centred on the 1800s and portrays a dacoit community as they strive for freedom from British authority.

Shamshera was launched in IMAX theatres in Hindi (Tamil and Telugu dubbing) on July 22, 2022. It earned average to unfavourable reviews from reviewers and ultimately failed at the box office.


1896:Balli is a Khameran tribal leader who wishes to be a cop and requests a trial from a scheming Indian cop DarogaShudh Singh. Shudh Singh requests that he strike a kid to show his value, but Balli rejects and instead tends to take the toddler’s position and accepts the penalty. Balli understands his father Shamshera’s background at that moment.

1871: Shamshera is a Khameran tribal leader who was mistreated by the Kaza people due to hierarchy and prestige unequal treatment in 1871. As a result, Shamshera quickly strikes and extorts the kingdom, leading to Kaza, giving the Khamerans frightened renown. The monarchs and the affluent men of the kingdom want the aid of the British to force out the Khameran clan from their rural woodland. The British invade the Khameran community, but Shamshera and the tribal groups battle bravely, forcing the British to leave. Shamshera hears word that if they vow to stop robbing Kaza and relocate to a stronghold beyond the city limits, their tribe would be able to live quietly and restore their lost respect.

Shamshera and his men approach the jungle only to learn that it is a lie perpetuated by Shudh Singh, and they are taken captive and tortured severely. Shamshera is told by the British that she has to offer 10,000 gold pieces in return for saving the Khameran clan. Shamshera devises a strategy to assist the clan in escaping from the stronghold, but it fails when he informs his wife about his plot to portray himself as a renegade and also instructs her to concoct a tale to spare the tribe from being slaughtered. Shamshera tries to flee by scaling the castle wall, but the officers-in-charge detect him and fire him, abandoning Shamshera injured and afterwards hanging by Shudh Singh.

1896: After finding out the truth, Balli feigns his demise and flees the citadel with the assistance of Shamshera’s faithful ally Pir Baba. When Shamshera chose to move to the fortress, just a few Khamerans chose to remain, and they are now staying in a town named Nagina, where they have camouflaged their personalities, to do all childish work opportunities in the city for a living, and they are waiting for Shamshera to come to help them gain back their lost respect and dignity.

Balli is successful in stealing the gold from Shudh Singh’s marriage, but his smallest gang member is killed by the ruthless officer. Shudh Singh performs a raid and seizes all of the gold that the group had taken up until now, where Sona (who is expecting Balli’s kid) is apprehended by Shudh Singh, where he intends to murder her and Balli’s kid, but the General intervenes. Despite her heartbreak, Balli intends to take the Queen’s Crown, which is scheduled to arrive in Kaza.

The General accepts, and Balli proceeds to the Kaza Fortress with the other troops of his company. Shudh Singh murders the British soldiers, blames Balli, and claims responsibility for restoring the queen’s throne, but must remember to accuse the Khamerans. The Khamerans are angry after learning of Shamshera’s sacrifice from Pir Baba, and they tear down the fortress’s gates to battle alongside Balli. Balli battles Shudh Singh and exactly hangs him as he hanged Shamshera. Balli gives the Queen’s Crown to the British General in exchange for saving Sona’s life. The Khamerans ride with Balli, hoping that they would be capable of leading a respectable life in the future.

Shamshera grossed 10.25 crores on its first day at the local box office. On the 2nd day, the film grossed ₹10.50 crore. The movie won 11 crores on the third day, for a total domestic launch weekend of 31.75 crores.

The movie collected 50.57 crores (US$6.3 million) in India and 13.01 crores (US$1.6 million) elsewhere as of 11 August 2022, for a total global total collection of 63.58 crores (US$8.0 million).

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