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Echoes Series is now available on Netflix and it is a drama based on two twin girl that swipes their life with each other.


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Echoes is a mystery thriller about two  identical twins Lenny and gina who share  a dangerous secret since they were  children Lenny and gina have secretly  swapped lives culminating in a double  life as adults they share two homes two  husbands and a child but everything in  their perfectly choreographed world is  thrown into disarray when one of the  sisters goes  missing the main characters played by  Michelle Monaghan and of course


It is one for those who want to get together and follow along with this crazy twisted mystery involving a great performance by  Michelle Monahan regardless of how you feel about this plot and how windy and mad it gets as we progress right and there’s so much to this story that had me scratching my head but there was also a lot to this story that was intriguing.


I think the best aspect well we’ll say aspects of this show is the fact that they could build tension throughout each and every episode and there was always something that would hook you whether you were sitting there giggling and like this is getting overly ridiculous or not it has that soap opera feel of something that’s going to get you invested no matter what because it’s just so intriguing and the performance from Monahan in both cases with both characters is really good i thought she did a phenomenal job there are a couple of characters in this show and he’s always good regardless of what type of role.


He’s  playing there’s a character by the name  of sheriff floss and one of the smaller storylines there are numerous in this  show but one featuring this local cop  and she’s continuing to get suspicious  and then there are subplots that arise  that aren’t having to do with the main  mystery that our two sisters are getting  involved in so that started to intrigue  me the further we went and there’s a lot  about this show that will have a lot of  people invested now whether or not you  want to admit how convoluted and you  know a lot of people are going to use  the word twisted it is twisted for sure


But when it comes to trying to tell what exactly is going down with these two sisters and mostly which sister is at the forefront of each particular scene I don’t even want to say supply each scene  Michelle Monahan she’s on-screen and her hair may be down one way. Still, she may be acting like the other sister at that moment. I’m sitting here going oh I thought that was the uh that is that not the one that no okay should I rewind it Mr krabs I am so confused to look at these sisters they’re so identical no one is able to tell them apart in the series barring.


I think one person is right but it  works to their advantage they have this  entire thing set up to where they’re  continuing to go back and forth and life  is good because they’re able to live  each of them two different lives that are a cool concept but then something  happens to where one of the two sisters  has to take over and live both lives we  ask the question what happens if  somebody wants to see both in the same  room at the same time


Well, it’s going to be a problem and these are the problems that come about from a show like this and that to me as ridiculous as it gets that’s pretty entertaining right regardless of what I want to say about this show it was very fun at times and I couldn’t help but to want to go to the next episode maybe to see how silly it was going to be but also because i was somewhat invested in the story it’s not only what’s happening in the present.


There’s also a story happening in the  past because while the main mysteries  are with Michelle Monahan’s version of  these characters you have the younger  versions teenage versions played by two  different actresses who are just as good  if not better when it comes to the way  that they handled their characters but a  mystery arises there and that’s  something that begins to come back into  play in the future so you have the main  mystery couple of subplot mysteries


Everything happening with the sheriff  thinking that they’re involved in  something else and then the past so  again we’re talking a web  of subplots and stories and  madness i was so confused  but a couple of issues that i kept  experiencing as we went right i  mentioned the inability to tell the two  sisters apart at points and you may be  thinking well austin you don’t want the  show to spell everything out for you and  make it super obvious


I understand that  but genuinely there were so many moments  where i thought we were dealing with one  sister and we were dealing with the  other sister and that happened so often  right I’m fine if it happens once or  twice it happens so often I’m sitting  there going  this is starting to get annoying and i  don’t know if that was the intention


I  know it wasn’t the intention but it felt as if they could have handled that aspect so much better and then you have the dragged-out and repetitive flashback sequences and again I like the story happening in the past but they are included in moments that break up the tension of everything happening in the present right??


You have something that’s  keeping you on your toes and then all of  a sudden boom we get a flashback for  five minutes i’m like ah you could have  made that one episode in its entirety  and i think that would have served the  story so much better and then we get to  the ending right we’re building up we’re  taking chances and risks i’ll give that  to the show  but the end happens and i’m like oh  well that’s  really predictable and safe and i didn’t  want a safe ending with a show like this  a show dealing with two identical twins  that take each other’s lives


I did not  want the safest ending possible and it  just felt as if they were done taking  risks by the final episode even though  that’s the episode when they should have  taken the most risks and i’m like well  that’s  truly disappointing i’ll give the series


This there’s some really nice cinematography in there the filmmaking, for the most part, works it does have that made tv feeling at moments I don’t know if that was just the tone of the show making me feel that way or the visuals uh but for the most part i think  it worked in that regard and it’s also a  series that just it knows its audience right ??


If you love shows like this that  have that type of tension and will  keep you on your toes but you kind of  know where it’s going then i feel like  you’re going to enjoy it and that is  absolutely fine  at the end of the day it’s not that funny is it before i  give you guys my score are you watching  this show on Netflix this weekend what’s  the best Netflix series of the year and  do you have a twin

If you want to drop a like that’d be  cool echoes features an intriguing  mystery at its centre but this series is  bogged down by a predictable plot and  confusing scenes with this set of twins



Thankfully it does manage to entertain in moments uh but I’m going a 55  with my score could not quite get it to  60 just because of those elements of the plot but I need your all’s thoughts it’s all about the discussion be sure to leave that below I’ll be back with more reviews very soon and I’ll see you later you.

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