DHAKKAD Movie Review – “Not that much Dhakkad”

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While in the middle of an action movie, Kangana Ranaut’s character, Special Agent Agni states, ”  se ruh alag karna business hai to mera.” That line basically sums up the things Kangana is up to as a character in Razneesh Razy Ghai’s Dhaakad. She’s a fearless field agent in the International Task Force, an imaginary department that is part of the Indian government. Her job is to break the whip on the international human tra**icking ring that is rooted within the mines in central India. Her work entails obtaining information regarding the perpetrators and then removing the perpetrators. In the end, she is left with personal debt for Rudraveer the leader of the gang operating in central India’s coal mines.



Razneesh Razy Ghai Chintan Gandhi and Rinish Ravindra’s tale is an excellent illustration of why focusing on just a few areas of a film is not an alternative. The biggest fear that I had when I stepped into this film was that it might be “all showoff without substance” which is exactly what happened. We’ve figured out that action looks great but this doesn’t mean you’ll be forcing the same message on us. They were expecting us to speak about its amazing action scenes.

The protagonist is seeking revenge on their parents. There is a kid tra**icking group linked to this and a senior officer helping the protagonist complete the task. What is something new that hasn’t been seen or heard about happening in the films previously? Tetsuo Nagata’s cinematography does provide us with some stunningly shot scenes, but they don’t create excitement.


DHAKKAD Cast and their Performance

Kangana Ranaut actually wins the battle but she loses her mind to the fight since her character seems boring when she’s not on screen. We’ve seen her most impressive but we’ve also seen the most awful, but this, my dears is now entering the category of ‘dangerous.

Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutta put everything to nothing! The things they did could have earned them a lot of awards if they had been done in the right movie. The psycho-Jodi of theirs was reminiscent that evoked Harley Quinn & Joker but like everything else, it will be in vain. Saswata Chatterjee has been doing great things for children who are abandoned (Jagga Jasoos & now, this) However, this time it’s completely wasted.

The film does not use the full potential of their talents. Characters with well-etched out faces aren’t provided with a plot that’s half as great as their roles in the story. There are a lot of loose end situations that simply won’t let things stick together, and things begin to fall apart too fast.


Few Final Words About This Movie

With a running time of 2 hours and 10 minutes, the movie appears quite stretched with flashbacks that play out a greater number of times than you take a bite out of the bowl of popcorn you’ve been watching it. The screen is black and white whenever they want to present something that occurred in the past that was somehow not too different.


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