BEST Music Streaming Services (Free & Paid Music Sites) in 2022

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Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the most popular music apps, offering streaming on-demand of any song. It lets you effortlessly search for artists, albums, songs, genres, and tracks. This application is also capable of shuffling songs.


  • You can save more than 50k songs in your library.
  • Discover and join podcasts.
  • It provides suggestions for songs.
  • Listen to songs on iOS, Android, or on the internet.
  • Download your favourite songs using this application for mobile phones.


Primephonic is an online streaming site that was specifically designed to play classical music. It allows you to enjoy high-quality music with ease. The application can also help you find music without difficulty.


  • This site is updated with daily new albums.
  • It lets you browse music by album or composer.
  • Available through Google Play and the Google Play and App store.
  • Automatically suggests music albums.


Spotify is one of the most popular applications for streaming music. It helps users locate their favourite music and podcast. It is among the most popular music streaming applications that have a wide selection of songs and episodes. It is possible to use the program and browse through the catalogue of albums, artists as well as celebrities and others.


  • Mix the songs up using the Shuffle feature.
  • You can share your music and podcasts with other people.
  • You can see the lyrics.
  • It allows you to filter out the songs you enjoy.
  • Support autoplay.
  • The profile of the artist is here.
  • You can play music files that are stored on your phone.



LiveXLive is an online music streaming site. You can use this app via mobile devices. It is among the top streaming sites for music that allow users to create custom music stations.


  • You can look up the biography of the artists.
  • Read the review of the album.
  • It also provides lyrics to songs.
  • You can look up the most stations that have been played recently.


Tidal is a streaming music service. It allows users to enjoy top quality music streaming that is enjoyed without difficulty. It is among the most reliable music streaming platforms, offering greater than 60 million tracks.


  • The latest album release is available for viewing. album release.
  • It lets you create your own playlists of music.
  • It has high-quality audio.
  • You can also listen to songs offline.
  • The songs you choose to personalize depend on your past listening habits.



Idagio is an internet platform that allows users to stream classical music for free. It is among the top music streaming websites that lets you explore the music collection and also from famous artists. It lets you analyze two artists.


  • You can stream music offline.
  • It allows you to create the collection of your choice.
  • Connect via Bluetooth and Airplay.
  • Provides more than two million tracks.
  • Search songs using metadata.

BBC Sounds

BBC Sounds is a streaming media service provider. It provides audio-on-demand as well as podcasts. It is accessible on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets personal computers, and so on.

  • Offers a variety of music genres.
  • The platform provides music mixes.
  • You can listen to music live.
  • It lets you create your own sound lists.
  • Offers recommendations for songs on a daily basis.



Gaana is a top-quality music streaming platform that lets users to search for songs or artists and playlists. It also provides lyrics to songs. It is possible to use this site to find a new album, popular tracks, and albums.


  • It’s available via the internet, Android, and iPhone devices.
  • You can share your playlist with friends.
  • Two themes are available: both in black and white.
  • You can search for songs in many languages.
  • Access to free access to over 30 million tracks.


YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a streaming music service that offers original singles, remixes and live performances, and videos. This application is available on iOS, Android, and desktop. It’s among the top music streaming services that let users easily navigate through music and videos.


  • There are songs that correspond on moods, genres or moods.
  • You can effortlessly watch music videos with ease.
  • It will show new albums every time you visit the website.
  • You can make new playlists easily.


Wynk is an application for music. It allows you to stream the most recent music. The program provides unlimited free streaming. It allows you to stream music from artists, moods and genres.


  • It’s made available with two different themes, black and white.
  • You can pick your preferred language.
  • It also provides suggestions for songs.
  • You can download your interesting songs.


What is the cost of streaming services for music cost?

The price of a subscription for the music streaming service is different for each service. Certain music streaming services are completely free and some offer low-cost monthly quarter-, quarterly, half-yearly and annual plans for their customers. On the other hand, certain streaming services are expensive in comparison to other platforms that offer advanced features as well. But, most streaming services are trial-based trials for free, so it is easy for users to pick the most low-cost music streaming service to their needs.

What are the Features of a Music Streaming Service?

Here are the benefits of streaming services for music:

  • Mix it up with the Shuffle feature.
  • It is possible to find the most popular songs in a matter of minutes.
  • It lets you download your favourite tracks.
  • You can search for songs in many languages.
  • It automatically organizes albums.

Why Music Streaming is Good?

Music streaming allows users to enjoy their preferred music from any place, anytime. It also lets artists effectively market their music to their listeners on streaming platforms. Music streaming also helps to eliminate piratey issues, which can be very beneficial to musicians and creators. Users can stream the music they like most based on their mood, their favourite genre, artists, popular music, etc.



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