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In this article, we will talk about the Asus VivoBook S14 it comes with an OLED display latest 12-gen i5 processor 16GB RAM and it is Intel Evo certified.

If you see it on Flipkart it generally costs around 70k INR but now if you go and check on the price history website, you can see that the price even Falls to 63K INR

So, should you buy this Asus Vivo book and as a student or working professional how much should you actually spend on a laptop well well you will get all the answers in just a moment keep reading.

In this article, we will see both the pro and cons of the laptop but first, let’s about the pros of this laptop.


The number one pro is the display well. This is an awesome display just have a look at it you get a 14-inch 2.8 K resolution 90 Hertz OLED display most laptops at this price range come with an LCD screen but because of this OLED, you may experience burn-in.

You can also ask what is burning. well let me explain so if you have something static on the screen for a long time in OLED displays like the start menu or say these icons on the dock over time, they leave a permanent mark on the screen that is called burning it happens with all OLED displays even smartphones.

Asus has come up with this pixel refresh or pixel shift to avoid this burn-in problem pixel shift slightly shifts every pixel on the screen a little bit over time.

Something like you would have seen in your phones are always on display and pixel refresh is just just a screensaver after some time the screen saver just kicks in so, nothing static stays on the screen.

This laptop has 600 nits of brightness which is top-level at this price range most laptop in this range only provides 400 nits of brightness.

Build Quality

The build quality on this laptop is also quite good. It is not that heavy it weighs around 1.65 kg which is quite normal for a laptop so you can easily put it into your bag.

.Now you get two USB ports and two Thunderbolt ports and you can charge the laptop from either of these Type-C ports you can even connect external monitors to it so that’s really good also you get a full-sized HDMI port and a headphone jack.

You can easily open the lid with one hand and that is important for two reasons first it is quite handy to just do this in day-to-day usage and second, it shows that the hinge is really good most Windows Budget laptops go bad on the hinge so a good hinge is really important.

You get a 720p webcam so you can have an idea and the video quality is quite average you can use it for video calls.


The typing experience is quite good. I write a lot in my day-to-day life and typing on the laptop is very smooth and fluid like there is zero to no deck Flex also the screen doesn’t wobble when I am typing or doing anything on the laptop.

Also, it has a backlit keyboard so in case you’re typing at night, it gets easy same goes with the trackpad also like the gesture and all is very smooth also not a lot of people talk about this but this trackpad has thumb and palm rejection which trusts me in real life is really useful.


This laptop has intelivo certification basically, you get the latest 12-gen Intel i5 12500 H with 16GB Ram you get ddr4 Ram but Intel 12 gen supports DDR5 RAM and 512GB PCI 4 nvme SSD in simple words it is quite a fast SSD.

It wakes up in like under one second that I quite impressive even while doing photo editing the performance is quite good no complaints there but the performance drops when you do anything heavy on this.

One thing is that this laptop is not good for gaming if you want a gaming laptop then you should consider another laptop in this range which has at least an RTX 3050 graphics card.


Ok, from here we will go to the cons part of this laptop. So, first up we have the speaker department of this laptop.

The expectation of the speakers to be a bit better, unfortunately, that is not the case so if you’re watching movies alone or on the desk all by yourself, it is good for a single person watching but if you are with someone it’s not those loud, headphones or a Bluetooth speaker are recommended.

Battery Life

The con number two battery life is pretty average I’m not that of a heavy user, I usually do type on the laptop and occasionally watch a few videos from time to time and on a full charge, this lasted me around four to five hours which is a bit less.

Also by default, the laptop only charges up to 80% of the battery and you had to go into my Asus app and set the battery profile to full capacity mode now when you plug it will charge 100% why would you let the laptop only charge 80%?

And also the average battery life on a new laptop people usually use a laptop for two to three years and in that case four to five hours battery life will reduce even further so you should consider that.

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