Best iOS 16 Wallpaper Apps with Depth Effect

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iOS16 is very good it has brought a lot of new features that will now finally make the software more refined and complete in my opinion and the depth effect on the iOS 16 lock screen has to be one of the most fantastic features of iOS 16.

So in this article, I’ll share full wallpaper apps that would glorify the lock screen on your iOS 16 iPhone and make you love your iPhone once again.


So the very first app on the list is Locked and probably this was the very first app that adapted to the whole iOS 16 lock screen with depth effect customization and the best thing about this application is that you get access to all wallpapers without buying Pro if you can bear with some ads.

The wallpaper library that it provides is huge so as you’ll open the app you’ll notice that it has a very clean and very categorized layout the wallpapers are divided into various options such as nature neon movies and show etc.

You can explore the entire section of wallpaper by tapping on see all and you can tap on any wallpaper to see how it will look if you apply it on your device when you open any wallpaper you do get the option to add wallpaper to favourites or directly download the wallpaper but after watching an ad since you are not a premium member and along with that you also, get the option to directly share the wallpaper with your contacts all in all this is something that you should definitely try.


The second application on this list is the backdrop and you can use this application almost on a

regular basis because first of all this application does not have any ads and second it has a wide variety of abstract wallpapers.

As you’ll open the app you will see explore tab in front of you and below that, you can see various options like the wallpaper of the Day wallpaper used by famous creators and other wallpaper suggestions.

If you’ll swipe toward the right you’ll see the Community option that as the name suggests is created by a Backdrop community.

If you like any wallpaper you can just tap on the like button so that you can access that particular wallpaper whenever you want by pressing this icon on the extreme right after you open any wallpaper you will be displayed various options such as the download button along with description and details of that particular wallpaper.

You will definitely be downloading this wallpaper app if you love those abstract or minimal or even wallpapers with paste or colour palettes.

Wallpapers Now

The last but definitely not the least application on this list is Wallpapers Now and this go-to wallpapers app for many users who are using iOS 16 as of now.

Firstly as soon as you’ll open it you’ll notice this application has a very basic yet modern design under discover you get some shortcut links to Dedicated wallpaper collections app instructions and other apps that are made by the same developer.

On the right there is a hamburger menu that opens up options like contactors terms and conditions and other stuff like that below the hamburger menu, you get a dedicated button for the type of wallpaper you want and just below that you get the whole collection of wallpapers.

You’ll get tired just by scrolling as the collection of wallpapers are huge but to access half of them. You will have to pay a little but that’s not necessary as even the free wallpapers are quite a lot in number and are really cool.

You get access to a lot of wallpapers that support depth effect but along with that it also has a lot of cool Shuffles wallpapers too.

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