Best Hollywood Movies of August 2022

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This year is going very fast in a blink of an eye more than half a year has passed and like that August also passed so, in this article I am going to give you a list of movies that are both loved by the audience and is a critically good movies.


Beast Rating 5.9

This is a type of thriller and suspense movie. The little plot about it is that the lead character of Idris Elba and the whole team of these lead characters go to the forest and after that, they are being chased by a lion and the team has to find a way to rescue themself from that situation. This incredible lion is hunting and chasing our characters around those scenes are really well made like on a technical level the cinematography is super good the action as a whole is filmed well.

The big issue with this movie is the decision-making of the characters and just kind of the stupid and foolish  in certain moments


Day Shift Rating 6.1

Next up are Jamie Foxx, and Dave Franco, Day Shift.  It is a Horror, Comedy, and Fantasy film which you can watch on Netflix. It is a very typical vampire hunting movie we got a lot of all sorts of creatures in this movie. The good thing about this movie here is the simplicity of the plot.

The movie knows exactly what it is and the focus here is on the action scenes those action scenes are actually quite good and the two leads Jamie Foxx, and Dave Franco and the addition of someone like Snoop Dogg everyone’s compelling in this movie and because of this you will actually enjoy watching this movie.


Thirteen Lives Rating  7.2

Thirteen lives the true story about this tragedy where these kids and their coach get stuck in this place that you do not ever think they are going to be able to make their way out of and if you don’t know the true story at this point then it’s better not to give you spoilers.

Ron Howard actually did a really excellent job of capturing this film and taking a great cast of characters from top to bottom everybody’s good even the unknown actors in this movie everyone’s good the best part of the film is when they’re underwater and they capture just your claustrophobic.

Bullet Train Rating 7.8

Bullet Train is one of the biggest surprises of this year. It’s entertaining it’s so action-packed from start to finish you have your two characters that steal the show Brian Tyree Henry Aaron Taylor Johnson also not forget Brad Pitt.

The movie feels refreshing and tries to do something new. The last part has some CGI issues because it was filmed in 2020. But still, the bullet train movie was an entertaining ride.

Prey Rating 7.2

This is an entry in the Predator franchise and i saw a lot of backlashes before the movie came out and then the movie comes out and there’s still a little bit of backlash but I think a lot of people warmed up to it.

The movie is action-packed everything you want in a predator movie. You will had a great time with this  many believe it’s the best predator sequel.

We even have a reveiw on Prey movie check out here.


Few Final Words

That’s it guys these are the best movie released in August go ahead and watch these if you haven’t watched even a single one. These film definitely deserve your time.



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