Best Budget Wired Earphones of This Summer (2022)

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Hey, are you also want a wired earphone under 500 and 1K INR. Then you landed on the right article, here I will give you the best-selected choice earphones that are used by me or in my circle ( I have tested these also). So, let’s see what are the best options according to me for you.


First, we will start with the wired earphones that are under 500 Rs.


Realme 2 Earbuds

The Realme Bud 2 offers high-quality bass sound with a significant surround sound effect. If you’re an avid bass player, you’ll surely love these earphones. It’s an excellent choice for gaming on the go.

The casual price of these earphones is 599Rs but you can easily find it below 500 on any sale one of my cousins purchased it at 399 Rs.

It is available in four colours black, blue, green and orange. Plus, you can use an inline remote for different tasks like calling, music control, and google assistant.



JBL is an incredibly well-known name in the world of audio. The JBL C50HI is among the most effective earphones you could buy for less than 500 INR.

It is great for genres like hip-hop as well as hip-hop, EDM, and Bollywood. They are available in three colours which include black, blue and red.  It is great for genres like hip-hop as well as hip-hop, EDM, and Bollywood.

These earphones feature the L-shaped 3.5mm audio Jack. You can control calls, and music as well as a voice assistant with an inbuilt remote.


boAt BassHeads 182

Personally used by me, it is the best earphone which, I am still using this and it has been more than 2 years.

This earphone is very versatile and hence can be used for many purposes. The bass of this headphone is very impressive and it can be used for gaming purposes.

It is available in three different colours Black, Blue and Red. The earphone’s body is also very durable since the cable is braided coated.

You can purchase these earphones at Rs 499 but at sales, the price can even drop to 449.


This range of earphones lies between the range of 500-1,000.



Sony MDR-EX150AP

Sony is one of the well-known brands in the sound department and under 1K Sony MDR-EX150AP is the best choice.

The earphone is available in multi colours. The cable isn’t braided and you shouldn’t think that it will be at this price, however it does have a texture that makes it very durable. It comes with an L-shaped connector at its end. There is also a cable management tool that comes with the cable that can be useful.

This earphone is not for a bass lover but, it has its own way of processing music. It is available for Rs 929 on Amazon.


boAt Bassheads 225

As the bass is in the name of this product, you can easily tell that it is a base centric earphone made for especially base lovers.

At the price of Rs 699, this earphone offers a lot of features like noise cancellation and voice control on the assistant.

The earphones are made up of metal with rounded hollow degine so, that they can easily fit into ears.



The price of this earphone is Rs 799 and it comes in 6 different colours. The earphones are glossy and are made of plastic and the build quality is decent for the cost.

The earphone comes with 9mm drivers which provide a balanced JBL optimized bass and rich audio output which is quite pleasant.

It also has an inline microphone which allows you to make calls and join meetings without any issues.



If you are looking for wired earphones above 1K Rs then there are not a lot of options there. From that point, the wireless earphones come into the picture.

And above 1K there are many good options out there like boAt Rockets, Porton Bass buds etc. I hope you like this article, thank you for giving your time.

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