Best Budget 5G phones in India this Festive Season

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Well now is the time you can look for the 5G phones and no we are not going to look for the 5G phones in the expensive 30 40K Flagship because you know it I know it those phones come with most of the 5G bands unless it’s OnePlus.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best 5G phones on a budget or under 25,000 20, 000 15, 000 so by the end of the article you will know what Indian 5G bands to look out for in the phone were to look out for and what’s the best 5G phone for India.

What are the Important 5G Bands in India?

While understanding 5G the important part is what are the important 5G bands for India well irrespective of where you live the eight important 5G bands are N1 N3 N5 N8 n28 and N41 and N77 and n78 there is also n258 but we can ignore that because it is for commercial purposes and no smartphone in India has that 5G band.

How to check 5G Bands on your Phone?

You can just Google and go to the specs option on the official site of the phone and on the Network section, it will show all the necessary information.

If you’re buying offline just check the box here you will find all the 5G bands written on the box itself.

Poco M4 5G

Let’s start with the best 5G phone under 15 000. number one so the cheapest 5G phone that you can buy in India is Poco M4 5G it starts at 10,999 now it does come with only 7 5G bands there’s still one 5G band support list that is n41 now of course you don’t buy a phone just for 5G so other good things about the phone are number one processor you get Dimencity 700 which is a really good processor for this price number two 90 Hertz display also you get a full HD 90 Hertz LCD display again at this price range you get LCD but here you get a 90 Hertz LCD display.

Moto G62 5G and Moto g71 5G

Next, if you can push your budget to around 15 000 we get two really good 5G phones Moto G62 5G and Moto g71 5G and Motorola this year 2022. Moto has been doing a really good job with the smartphone launches.

If I have to pick one brand with really good 5G support plus value for money specs and clean ad free experience it will be Motorola undoubtedly like irrespective of the price range Motorola phones have generally good 5G support.

Anyways Moto G62 has 12 5G bands and Moto g71 has 13 5G band support so all the 8 Indian 5G band exist plus additional 5G bands for the future now both phones are almost similar except for two major differences number one display Moto G62 has a 120 hertz LCD display while Moto g71 has a 60hz OLED display rest both phones are Snapdragon 695 both are on the latest Android 12.

They are absolutely ad-free and stock Android and number two the difference is gaming if you want to play games at least one hour or something Moto G62 will be a better option it has a slightly bigger screen and 120 hertz does affect in gaming.

Samsung M53 5G

If you want an overall good phone under 20 000 from Samsung Best Buy is the Samsung M53 5G.

Samsung m53 5g usually cost 21 to 22,000 but in the sale or offline with card discounts you can bring down the price to 19,999. At that price, you get 12 5G bands all the important 8 Indian 5G bands and you get Dimensity 900 120hz AMOLED display and 108-megapixel main camera.

In Practical usage the software or one UI experience is good you get some Flagship features like a magic eraser which you can use to erase objects from a photo it works super cool.

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