Best Bluetooth Speakers Near 3000 INR

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In this article, we will take you on the journey of budget but best Bluetooth speakers, you will know both the upside and downsides about the speakers so, you can easily decide which one is best for you.


Sony SRS XB13

So, at the top of the list, we have Sony srs xb13. It costs 3740 a bit up and down depending on your chosen colour.  The first time you power on the speaker you will see a pop-up on your phone helping you pair the Bluetooth device using google fast pair. Talking about the build quality in simple words it’s quite sturdy.

You will get a power button on the side followed by a Bluetooth button if you long press the Bluetooth button it goes to stereo mode so if you have another sony speaker you can pair both of them and use them together then there’s a play pause button if you press the play button twice it skips to the next song and if you press it three times it goes to the previous music then there is volume up and volume down button you will get a hidden USB type C port hidden inside this flap to make it waterproof. Talking about waterproof, this is ip67 waterproof.

The sound quality is very good the base is excellent and there is no distortion even at the highest volume. But there is one major thing you need to know before you buy the sony xb13 the sound output isn’t that high means it is loud enough for a small bedroom it works if you want to enjoy movies on your laptop with a little bit of high-quality sound but for a hall or more people, this is not loud enough. Also, it has a mic practically the audio quality isn’t that reliable especially if you’re sitting far away from the speaker. You get good battery life for up to  16 hours even at 100% volume.


JBL Go 3

Next up is JBL gG 3 it costs 2,999 again depending on the colour the price will change. The design feels very solid and durable it is also better than their older JBL go 1 and go 2 both of which were already massive bestsellers.

You get a power button and Bluetooth button on one side and media control on top and a type C port and a strap on the other side to hold it on your finger it’s advertised at ip68 and but the charging port has no cover.

Talking about the audio it’s actually pretty good the base is quite rich and at the same time, the audio is clear and doesn’t distort at 100% volume which usually happens with almost all cheap Bluetooth speakers.  It just has 5 hours of battery backup and that too on 50 to 70 volume so practically you will get somewhere like three to four hours on a 2.5 hours charge.

There are two more minor things which you should notice number one if you place it horizontally or by the output side on a table and play a song it’ll just vibrate and shake and two there’s no mic on the Bluetooth speaker so you cannot take calls or do online classes.


Zebronics Zeb-Sound Feast 500

Next up, we have the Zebronics Zeb-Sound Feast 500. It’s a really good speaker and it is priced at 4,499 now it is expensive but the biggest thing is it has 70-watt speakers unlike others in the list which have 5-10 watt speakers.

On the top of the speaker you get the usual media control button there’s also a TWS mode so if you have two of these speakers you can pair them and have a huge party.  It has pretty cool RGB lights and if you don’t like them you can turn it off with a button. On the back side, you have the usual option you can plug in your pen drive SD card or aux cable and listen to the music and it also has a type C port the battery can last up to seven to eight hours.

About the 70-watt speaker, you might think that a 10-watt speaker will be 2 times louder than a 5-watt speaker actually when you double the wattage there is only a difference of 20 to 30 in loudness. Decibel is the unit in which you actually detect the loudness of the speaker now no manufacturer mentions decibel because it is not good for marketing. And so, the difference between the 10-watt speaker and this 70-watt speaker is only 25 decibels.  Overall the sound quality of this speaker according to 70-watt speaker is very good and you can really enjoy playing songs and movies from it.


Zoook Gladiator 55W Bluetooth Tower

Next up we have this massive 55-watt Bluetooth tower speaker Zoook Gladiator 55W Bluetooth Tower. If you don’t know about tower speakers well in simple words a tower speaker is basically a couple of Bluetooth speakers placed on top of each other like a tower and put together in one big box. The best part is it costs only 3,599 for a speaker this big.

In the box you get the remote a power cable is attached which means unlike other speakers this doesn’t have batteries you need a continuous power supply and a few AV cables in case you want to use it with your tv honestly, that’s quite a lot for 3,599 it also supports karaoke mic which you’ll have to buy separately for 500 rupees.

It comes with two 10-watt speakers and on the other side, there is a 30-watt subwoofer. And you will be surprised by its quality audio isn’t very clear but decent and there’s not much distorting at 100% volume especially even the price of the item.  You get quite a lot of options on the speaker like you can connect a pen drive adjust the base change the modes and other fun stuff overall if you’re looking for a loud Bluetooth speaker for house parties or even to watch movies on TV this one is worth considering at this 3,499.



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