Awesome Facts About Google Pixel that Probably You Don’t Know

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Did you know that google actually didn’t make their google pixel phones or google pixel cameras inspired by the old paintings or google pixel 6 sold more than google pixel 4 and google pixel 5 combined?

Well whether you hate, love or are neutral about Pixel phones here are some cool facts in this article.

Making Fun of Colours

The Google Pixel one the OG and here if you take a look at the box the colour name is quite black now if you go check the google pixel colours the other colours are very silver and really

blue which is funny.

If you check iPhone colours they are named such as Alpine green, Sierra blue jet black so ever since Pixel launched they have named the colours in a way to make fun of other smartphone colours like black is black what’s jet black space black and phantom black even the latest google pixel 6 had sort of same funny naming process.

Computational Photography

One term computational photography changed the entire smartphone industry before google came into the picture, there was just one way to get better photos to have a bigger camera inside a phone that’s why we had bulky iPhones even the moto x Hasselblad mod started up which is like a whole big camera module on the back of a phone.

But there was a small trick in which Google’s pixel saw smartphones had a really high-powered processor which is far better than a processor on DSLRs or cameras.

So, Google brought a computational photograph so even before you tap the shutter button the google pixel starts taking photos and once you have hit this shutter you will think you have taken one photo but the google pixel took about 15 photos in the background and then the ai would do its trick and pull out the best work.

Pixel one didn’t even have a camera bar and google has been starting this huge trend in smartphone industries and google.


To even make the google pixel camera sound revolutionary dxomark ranked google pixel as the number one smartphone camera now in case you guys don’t know dxomark is a benchmarking app for cameras you can consider it like Antutu which measures your ram GPU CPU and gives a score.

Introduction of the Night Mode

Night mode was actually started by pixel 3 and it was called night sight at the launch event they even compared the pixel 3 images to iPhone 10s and the results were wow.

The google pixel just takes 9-15 photos at different brightness levels and combines them to have one bright and less noisy image now once that feature came out every smartphone manufacturer brought it in like two to three years.

Google Pixel 1 was not the first Google Phone

Now you might know about the Google Nexus phone smartphone series but that was also not the first Google phone. The first Google phone was actually never launched.

Long before nexus and the first android smartphone HTC and Google worked on a secret android phone called Google Sooner it looked like a blackberry phone designed and manufactured by HTC to compete with blackberry the software was made by Google.

And when the phone was about to release the iPhone was dropped by Steve Jobs a touchscreen phone which was a revolution in smartphones.

In fact, the founder of android Andy Rubin was in a car during the iPhone launch he stopped his car and called Google office and then google dropped the entire plan of a keyboard android phone google also moved towards a touch-based android system like today.

Pixel 6 Sold Way More than Any Pixel Phone

Even though google pixels are widely celebrated and loved by everyone in the android community google pixels never sold really well up until google pixel 6.

Now google never released the exact numbers but google pixel 4 sold only 2 million units in like six months and just for perspective iPhone sold 240 million units globally in the same year which is like if 240 people bought iPhone in one year only two bought a Google pixel.

But up until the google pixel, 6 Google pixel 6 has sold more than Google Pixel 4 and google pixel 5 combined we’ll wait for the exact numbers but this thing seems like a hit.

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