Apple Air-pods Pro Review After 3 Years Experience

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If I had to choose only one Apple product to keep beside my iPhone, of course, I would say the AirPods pro but is it still worth it in 2022 my answer to that question is yes and I’ll tell you why in this article.

Active noise cancellation and transparency modes




So starting off different than the other AirPods such as the first second and third generation, not the AirPods max the AirPods pro have active noise cancellation and transparency modes in these modes by themselves already the biggest reasons why I would not choose one of the other models you can enable or disable noise cancellation in transparency mode by pressing and holding on the stem of an AirPods and I use the noise cancellation feature for example at the gym if I’m listening to a podcast but I don’t want to hear all of the noise in the environment or if I’m here working on my computer listening to something and my other person is working on a something else at the same time.

And the transparency mode is also important because you can still listen to your music podcast or video without missing anything important such as flight announcements or a car on the road when you’re crossing the street for example so I do love having these features and I don’t think I’ll ever purchase new earphones that don’t offer than ever.

Battery Life

I’ve seen people complain about this but in my experience, I’ve never had any issues it is still holding up great I leave my AirPods on a wireless charger for almost 24 7 but I did have times where I kind of forgot to charge it for over two weeks I would say two or three weeks and the battery was still good even though I work out with these every day Apple says that the AirPods Pro provides up to five hours of listening time on a single charge with active noise cancellation disabled or four and a half hours when it’s turned on with active noise cancellation the AirPods pro also offers three and a half hours of talk time the charging case offers more than 24 hours of additional listening time and over 18 hours of additional talk time.

About charging as I mentioned earlier you can wireless charge it so if you have any wireless chargers around your house you can use that you can also use the lightning port so if you have a USB A or USB-C cable to lightning you can also, use that or if you purchase the newest version you have the MagSafe case so you can also use MagSafe chargers.


Comfort in Wearing

Let’s talk about comfort the Airpods pro is a lot more comfortable than regular in-ear earphones and that’s something that you should definitely consider before making your choice even if you don’t really like the idea of in-ear earphones the reason behind it is that there is a vent system inside aimed at equalizing pressure Apple says that it minimizes the discomfort common with other in-ear designs for a better fit and a more comfortable wearing experience in my experience this is true because sometimes I even forget I’m wearing them and it’s important to consider that I’m also not a big fan of in-ear earphones still talking about comfort in the box you also get three different sizes for ear tips so you can try them and see the ones that fit better for you.



The new version was released alongside the AirPods third generation on October 18th of 2021 so my version is the older one because I purchased it right after its release so it is not MagSafe compatible talking about the price the AirPods pro was 249 dollars at release but you can now purchase it for 170 more or less if you purchase it on sale.

Few Final Words

Let’s talk about gestures, overall you can play pause and you can also, enable or disable transparency mode and active noise cancellation however and this is what I don’t like about them you don’t have any options to turn the volume up or down right on the AirPods.


You can use your Apple watch if you own one or you can turn the volume up or down using your iPhone which is currently what I do now is it convenient no, but it’s also not a big deal you get used to it in conclusion I do believe the AirPods pro is still worth it in 2022. They sound great they look great they are portable they have active noise cancellation and transparency mode and you can purchase it for 170 more or less, of course, Apple could release the AirPods pro second generation towards the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.



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